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Top 5 Tips for Starting a Great “Friendsgiving” Tradition

Friendsgiving Party Tips

Whether you’ve moved far from your family or just want to plan a festive get-together, there are a million reasons why you should host a “Friendsgiving” this year. It’s a cultural phenomenon taking the Nation by storm — and it’s easy to see why.

“Friendsgiving” takes the very best parts of Turkey Day, while shredding the strict traditions and awkward family encounters. Simply put, it’s a feast you share with the friends you love.

Take these tips and start planning a “Friendsgiving” at BeechTree that’s as unique as you!

#1 Plan Ahead

Your “Friendsgiving” can be whatever you make of it, so it’s important to plan ahead and let your guests know what to expect. Cook an intricate home-cooked feast or call for a potluck where everyone brings a dish of their own.

Whatever you choose, the more you plan ahead, the more time you’ll have to enjoy the event. Due to busy holiday schedules, you should allow plenty of time to invite your guests.

#2 Give Your Guests a Proper Welcome

Part of the fun of a “Friendsgiving” is the casual atmosphere that comes without annoying in-laws and family drama. Yet it is still important to put in the effort and honor it as a special occasion. Prepare a holiday playlist, mix up quirky cocktails and put up decorations! Take the time to plan a memorable afternoon or evening for you and your friends to enjoy.

#3 Teamwork

It’s great to get your guests involved in the action by having everyone contribute. One option that will significantly reduce the burden on you is to call for a potluck. Assign a dish for each of your friends to bring — but the key here is to get creative!

You can have friends bring their own decorations, or plan a craft for all to enjoy. These ideas might not always work perfectly but laughter is guaranteed. And remember, inside jokes can make great traditions.

#4 Games, Games, Games  

Planning a fun activity before or after dinner provides the perfect change of pace for a successful “Friendsgiving.” Also, they can provide a great icebreaker for your guests who might not have been previously acquainted.

If the weather’s nice, there’s nothing more American than going outside for a game of pick-up football. For after-dinner games, look for team board games (“Cards Against Humanity” has become a popular choice) — anything to get you and your friends laughing.

#5 Enjoy Yourself

It’s all ready and your friends are about to arrive. Take a deep breath, have a drink and enjoy yourself. You’ve done a lot to get your friends together and plan an exciting evening. Now, don’t sweat the small stuff.