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Our Builders Are Committed to Energy Efficiency, So You Can Save Big and Live Green

Energy-Efficiency Efforts by Our Builders

While federal regulations wax and wane on energy-efficiency requirements, our BeechTree homebuilders steer clear from politics and stay focused on a commitment to build homes that benefit BeechTree residents and keep our community colorful, vibrant and healthy.  

At the end of the day, waste is bad for everyone. That’s why our builders are constantly striving to provide state-of-the-art, energy-efficient homes that will keep you comfortable, in control and help you save money every day of the year. That said, the methods used to achieve that goal can vary.

Ryan Homes Energy Promise

“Every new Ryan home is built to exceed industry standards for energy efficiency, and we incorporate several components and building techniques of our own, beyond the EPA’s requirements.”

Ryan Homes takes a variable approach to provide a custom energy-efficient solution in each community they build but guarantee to always exceed industry standards. How can you tell? Ryan Homes prominently displays the HERS® Index score on each of their new homes, so you know exactly what you’re getting.

Everything’s Included®, and It’s All Green with Lennar

“Lennar homes are built with energy-efficient construction and included features to enhance the quality of your home, decrease your monthly utility bills, and reduce your carbon footprint.”

Lennar’s explosively popular Everything’s Included® initiative has taken the nation by storm. They’ve leveled the playing field by offering an exceptional list of included features — varying from smart home innovations to the most energy-efficient materials — in every new home they construct, and in every community they build in, across the nation.

When it comes to energy efficiency specifically, the most impactful standard features include ENERGY STAR®-qualified appliances, Low-E windows, Low-VOC paint, Honeywell Wi-Fi-enabled thermostats and more.

The Dan Ryan Builders Difference

“We have made a commitment to building green homes, so every new home we put our names on saves you, even more, money, and helps out the Earth too! We know that lower utility bills and lower energy consumption are good for your family and your community.”

Dan Ryan Builders has built a reputation of trust and integrity by striving to give homebuyers the ultimate peace of mind. They shop around and regularly pay more to find premium vendors and source quality materials. A 10-year warranty and third-party inspection that they provide on every new home go a long way to show their commitment to the lasting quality and efficiency of their builds.  

Haverford Homes Are Built for Longevity

“Our commitment to quality begins with our use of the finest in brand-name building materials and continues through our long-term warranty.”

Haverford Homes takes a similar approach to energy-efficiency in that it works to source premium materials and build homes with a commitment to quality that is backed by their long-term warranty. They take customer service very seriously and will work with you to incorporate the most energy-efficient materials into your new home.

40 Years of Experience with D.R Horton

Over the past 40 years, D.R. Horton has grown from a local homebuilder in Texas to become the nation’s #1 homebuilder, a position it’s held since 2002. The key to its success? A commitment to providing value for homebuyers every step of the way.

Promoting energy-efficiency is an integral part of this commitment, and it is of particular interest in today’s market. Not only does D.R. Horton source premium materials and utilize expert craftsmanship to build quality, energy-efficient homes, but other initiatives such as the Taexx built-in pest control system included in every new D.R. Horton home at BeechTree will ensure that energy-efficiency lasts for years to come.