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What You Need to Know to Save Big During Maryland’s Tax-Free Week

Shop Maryland Tax-Free Week

With the start of the school year just under a month away (Sept. 4 for Prince George’s County Public Schools), it’s crunch time for parents everywhere. We’re faced with a season packed with after-school activities, busy workweeks and carpools. For our kids, on the other hand, there’s often one thing on their mind. What are they going to wear on the first day of school?

It’s something we can all remember: getting ready to board the bus in our favorite new threads. And just like we did years ago, our kids want to return to school anew with a fresh look that tells their friends and classmates just how much they’ve changed and grown over summer break.

Fortunately, Maryland’s Tax-Free Week offers the perfect opportunity to go shopping for that back-to-school outfit they’ve been dreaming of without breaking the bank.     

When is Maryland Tax-Free Week?

Running from this Sunday to next Saturday (Aug. 12-18), Maryland’s Tax-Free Week is limited to items of clothing and footwear that do not exceed $100. Additionally, the first $40 of a backpack purchase is tax-free. Almost everything your child might want for their back-to-school outfit should apply here, but Maryland has some peculiar laws about what is considered clothing or not. For example, men’s ties are not eligible, so be sure to check this list to confirm.