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Use These 3 Tips to Become the Champion of Game Day Party Hosts This Season

Game Day Part Tips

A backyard barbeque with a big screen? Or maybe you’re looking to host the ultimate tailgate outside FedEx Field? Either option is easy when you live here at BeechTree since we’re located just 13 miles from the home stadium of Washington’s burgundy and gold.  

Choose your venue and get ready for the big game with these three game day party tips that will make you the MVP of the season.

Go in with a Game Plan

Eyes might be focused on the game, but if your party feels like it’s organized by the Cleveland Browns, then your guests might not stay loyal for long.

The more you plan out ahead of time, the more fun your friends will have. Even more importantly, it’ll free you up from last-minute preparations and allow you actually to sit back and enjoy the game, too. Have all the sides, drinks and toppings set up the night prior. Then, all you need to worry about during your tailgate or backyard barbeque is the game and the grill.

If you are preparing to tailgate, it’s even more essential to be well prepared. Once you’re in the parking lot, it’s almost impossible to make a run for last-minute supplies, and it’ll certainly put a damper on the fun if you forget to bring charcoal or all of your ice melts. Check out the official FedEx Field tailgating guide for more information.

Recruit Free Agents

Just because you’re organizing doesn’t mean you can’t ask your friends and those attending for help. Recruiting friends who enjoy food and football just as much as you is probably a good idea.

Designate someone to be your bartender or grill master — so you’re not running between the two stations. You could even ask all your guests to bring a snack or side dish to complement your main course cooked out on the grill. Plus, it’s a great way to gather new ideas for ‘Skins-themed’ party decorations and dishes.

Be Ready to Call an Audible

Fall can be a fickle time of year, and we never know when the weather can turn. That’s why it’s essential to always have a backup play in your head to call in case of trouble. If you’re hosting at home, it’s generally pretty easy to have a plan if you need to move the party inside.

Tailgates can be more difficult, and we suggest bringing ponchos or trash bags to cover up in case of a sudden downpour. The bottom line is that the weather should be a factor when determining whether you buy tickets to the game or plan a game day party at home in the first place.