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4 Reasons Why Lake Presidential is the Place to Improve Your Golf Game in 2019

Improve Your Swing in 2019

While the most common New Year’s Resolutions might revolve around health goals or stricter budgets, for us avid golfers, there’s only one thing on our mind.

Spring might still be a few months away but we find ourselves crossing our fingers for a break of warm weather that will allow us to head out on the course. If you, like many, have resolved to take your game to the next level in 2019, Lake Presidential Golf Club can help you achieve it.

The Golf Institute

From developing a detailed analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of your swing to adjusting your clubs for the perfect fit, The Golf Institute at Lake Presidential equips golfers of all skill levels with a state-of-the-art, interactive learning experience to fine-tune their game.

Inside the performance lab, 6 infrared cameras capture your golfing movements and render them in a 3D animation, providing visual data on how to adjust your swing, speed and stance for the best results.

Most important of all, the indoor/outdoor facilities of the Institute are open all year round, so you can start sharpening your skills today and be ready for the spring season.

The Pro Shop

Sometimes the largest improvement can come when you upgrade to the ideal tool for the job. Need a new putter? When was the last time you replaced your grips? In the great game of golf, even the smallest things can make the biggest difference. That’s why Lake Presidential keeps everything you might need for the perfect day out on the course right here in the Pro Shop. You’ll find equipment, a wide selection of clubs, apparel, golf bags and more, all provided by a knowledgeable and attentive staff.

The Range

We all know that practice makes perfect. The game of golf is certainly no exception. When you lack the time for a full round, our on-site driving range is perfect for testing out your swing. Most schedules might not be able to accommodate multiple rounds every week, but you’d be amazed at how much your game can improve when you dedicate a few minutes a day at the range. In addition, practice greens are available to work on your short game.

The Memberships

If you’re serious about sticking to your resolution, consider becoming a member. A membership at Lake Presidential Golf Club will give you easy access to all these state-of-the-art facilities and the world-class course. It creates a seamless experience that will help you save money and get out on the course sooner.

From big BeechTree resident discounts to the multi-club access of the Capital Area Golf Membership and the exclusive privileges of the Presidential Club, there’s a membership for every budget and play style at Lake Presidential. Find yours today!