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Make Your Home Feel Like New with These 5 Hot Design Trends

Summer's Hottest Design Trends

When it comes to design in 2019, the focus is on sustainability and curating an aesthetic that will last. It’s all about highlighting current trends through classic inspiration. Plus, there are some fun color trends, too. Take a look.

Textures to Touch

Tasteful design should make us feel something. When a design draws you in with tactile textures, feeling it is inescapable. This trend stems from the focus on authenticity and the artisanal. It goes a long way to creating a spectacularly cozy feeling of home.


Interiors continue to draw more from the natural world. Whether it’s through earth tones and textures, indoor plants or the use of different shades of green, this trend is helping to imbue our spaces with a sense of vigor and natural energy.

Navy is the New Black

A rich navy blue provides the same modern and clean feeling of black without its ominous weight. The color has a timeless quality and pairs well with neutrals of all shades and sizes. More and more designers are turning to navy.

Bold Backsplashes

Sure, white subway tiles still look great. And if your kitchen is all-white, we wouldn’t suggest going too bold with the backsplash. Nevertheless, not only is this trend gaining steam, but it also provides a fun focal point that can add a sense of depth.

Living Coral

This energetic hue was Pantone’s 2019 Color of The Year, and it’s captivating. It’s social and spirited, yet intimate and calming. It’s the perfect accent color to spice up a design with the energy of the moment.